Saturday, July 6, 2013

Elementary Algebra

I want to take the CLEP exam for Calculus to minimize the pre-pharm coursework I will need to do when I enroll at the University.  It's been forever since I've taken a math class, so I am currently re-teaching myself.

Here are my goals right now:

July - Learn Elementary Algebra
August - Learn Intermediate Algebra
September - Learn Pre-Calculus
October & November - Learn Calculus
December - Prepare specifically for the Calculus CLEP (practice exams, etc)
End of December - TEST!

Today I finished Chapter 1 of 10 of my Elementary Algebra textbook!  I spent basically the entirety of today working on math.  I'm going to have to be spending pretty much all my free-time on math because I want to score as HIGH as possible when I take that CLEP exam.  99 percentile, Baby!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, good luck with the math!! I'm not good in math or calculus!